About us


We are a cheerful, creative, inspiring and sunny team of four women. We have known each other for decades, running around the wilderness in the woods and making all kinds of trips around Europe. In 2020, we decided to combine individual life experiences, areas of expertise and strengths.

Nature has helped us in the moments of collapse. We have found it extremely important. That is why the desire of our hearts is to acquaint people with the empowering nature and to help them discover small insights that make everyday life easier. 

We are FoResting Oy.




A wilderness mother of five living a hectic daily life, fleeing chaos to the peace of nature.

Physiotherapist, wilderness guide.

Her passion is hiking, trail running, berry picking, hunting. 

“Batteries charged and here we go again!”



On an eternal learning journey away from negative emotional locks and beliefs.

Nutritionist, nurse, wilderness guide.

"Staying in nature and adventure bring a taste to life!"



“First the others, then me.” Extra-sensitive person, over-performance and too much empathy: own endurance was in jeopardy. By changing beliefs and listening to own heart, well-being has increased.

Nurse, wellness coach, mother of three.

"I get strength from wandering in nature without a goal!"



From an overworking exhaustion professional to a peace-loving seeker of a balanced life.

Sports and wellness professional, naturopath, therapy student, mother of four.

“Long-distance hikes open the doors to freedom, empowerment and a simple life.”