Full battery charge hiking- at Koli

Full battery charge hiking- at Koli

Verkkovaara 1, Koli

How would it feel to jump into the atmosphere of the 40s, where nature, nutritious food, doing things together, companions and the simplicity of life take hold? Do you miss a break in the middle of everyday life for a mini holiday? A full charge is the choice of a full ten when just one day is not enough to load the body.


On Friday at 3pm we arrive at Villa Oras. Accommodation in the program, getting to know the customs of the house and each other. We enjoy a colorful piece of the day and relax in the gentle steam of the experience sauna. We end the day with an evening of miracles at the top of Verkkovaara, where a joint meditation and a gentle evening meal by Mother Nature by the campfire.

On Saturday, wake up at your own pace, enjoy breakfast and have a joint morning start. We will go on a full day trip to Koli National Park, where we will do the FoRest Balance Forest Trail® exercises, enjoy the peace of nature, unhurriedness and gathering. We make a delicious lunch and snacks by the campfire. In the evening you can reach the Villa in the relaxation sauna with herbal foot baths and enjoy a sweet and nutritious dinner. We also utilize the products of the collection in the sauna and for dinner. The day ends with a shared heart and soothing meditation.

On Sunday we wake up gently to breakfast and we set off on the path of Forest Balance creativity to Ryläys and a stunning rockfall. Along the way, we do various physical, musical, as well as sensory and imaginary exercises that open up creativity. At home we enjoyed an inspiring lunch. The program ends at Villa Oraks at about 3 p.m.

The goal is to break free from stress and urgency, relax the mind and body, eat nutritious and invigorating food, share experiences about humanity, life and potential challenges, and find the keys to a healthy and good life. Everyone already has the keys, as long as we learn to use them. Being together and doing things is empowering. During the weekend, you can participate in doing things together according to your own resources, but you are also only allowed to be in the Full Board.

PLACE: Villa ORA's, Verkkovaara 1, 83960 Lieksa.

A full-fledged experience holiday is held in the idyllic Villa ORA's inn. You can enjoy the warm communality of the villa, dive into the atmosphere of the 40s and the sources of the simplicity of life, where the waters are carried indoors, mainly using the outdoor toilets and sauna. Electricity is available and the shared rooms are heated. A cat named Katti Matikainen lives in Villa Oras.

TIME: Friday from 3pm to Sunday until 3pm

GROUP SIZE: 5 -13 people (Full charge will take place when the minimum number of participants is reached.)

PLEASE NOTE: Please note any special diets and other comments in the Comments Box during booking.

The participant is required to have a fitness level that is able to walk the forest paths of demanding terrain at a calm pace from morning to night. The maximum daily distance is 15 km on Saturday and 6 km on Sunday.

PRICE: 360 e / person (incl. 2 nights in shared rooms, meals, program, VAT)

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Verkkovaara 1, Koli

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