This is FoResting Oy's registry and data protection statement in accordance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Prepared on July 22, 2021.


FoResting Oy

Business ID 3176243-8

Kansankehto 2

82220 Niittylahti

+358 40 567 6131

FoResting Oy's customer register consists of persons participating in the company's events and registered in the email list.

The information collected includes name, phone number and email address. Personal and / or business information for a business customer (business ID, e-invoice address, e-mail address, postal address, post office and number).

The purpose of processing personal data is to communicate with customers, invoicing and payment matters, order information, customer feedback, customer relationship maintenance, lottery and competition responses, and marketing. The service provider may send users an e-mail informing them of new services, functionalities or offers, requesting feedback or otherwise informing them of the operation. A user who joins the mailing list can delete their information from the register at any time via the link provided in each letter.

The information collected in the registers will not be disclosed outside the company.

The company uses cookies on its own website. By using the company's websites you consent to the use of cookies.

The information stored in the register is obtained from the customer e.g. messages sent via web forms, e-mail, telephone, via social media services, contracts, customer meetings and other situations in which the customer discloses their information.

Contact information for companies and other organizations can also be collected from public sources such as websites, directory services, and other companies.

The information stored in the register is treated confidentially and only by the employees whose job description it belongs to. acts as the payment intermediary. In some cases, payment is mediated by invoice. The customer's online banking payment or credit card information is not stored in the company's systems, but remains in the information of the company responsible for the transmission of payments.

Your service provider reserves the right to change and update this privacy policy. The latest version of the privacy policy can be found on the website. Registry description and data protection updated on July 22, 2021.

FoRest Balance® and Muutoksen metsäpolku® are registered trademarks, the use of which is prohibited without the permission of the trademark owner.