Kukkosensaari 5, 80220 Joensuu

Max 15 persons

Is your daily life sometimes just running and performing? Is it sometimes exhausting and stressful?

REST A WHILE takes you off familiar paths to stunning Finnish nature. In addition to a leisurely forest walk, you will do various body care, sensory and imagination exercises. Through the exercises, you can, according to the theme of the day, learn to stop, identify stressors, and strengthen your resources, presence, and gratitude.

If you want a little moment for yourself and gentle ways to achieve a clearer and more balanced everyday life, our forest moments may be just for you. 

No previous experience is required. The session is suitable for anyone for whom walking in the woods is not a problem.

Location: Home environment of your choice (eg Kuhasalo, Kukkola, Alavi).

Duration: Two hours

Price: 79 € / person including guidance and nutritious snack with fillings, organic chocolate, organic tea selection and soot pot coffee , VAT

Equipment: Casual and warm weathered outdoor equipment, own small backpack and drinking bottle. Please let us know, if you have any foodallergies.


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Kukkosensaari 5, 80220 Joensuu

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