Verkkovaara 1, 83960 Jero

Max 15 persons

Do you feel like your body cannot rest? Is stress dominating your mind? Fancy a relaxing and restorative moment full of experiences designed just for you? Take a break from the hustle and bustle and dedicate a moment just for yourself.

Four hours in the woods. The enchanting nature of Koli makes the senses awaken and the mind refreshed. With gentle guided body and mind exercises, your energy will increase. The idyllic Ryläys hut and sounds of fire will greet you halfway. You can relax for a while and enjoy a hot drink and a nutritious snack.

After a walk in the woods, the old log walls of Villa ORA will welcome you back. Appetizing soup lunch will be beautifully covered for you. If you wish, you can enjoy the experience sauna with herbal baths. An adventurous day ends with a common relaxation exercise, which makes you feel refreshed and ready to continue your daily life with a good emotional state.

The length of the walk is 4-5 km on forest trails of varying terrain, depending on the season and snow situation. The route is challenging and requires good general condition.

Location: Villa ORA's Koli, Verkkovaara 1, Jero. Can also be organized elsewhere in North Karelia in cooperation with various companies.

Duration: 6 hours from 10:00 to 16:00. Kindly arrive at 9.45

Price: 179 € / person. Includes guidance, outdoor snack, soup lunch and VAT

Group size: 4-16 people (Please note: the event will only take place when the minimum number of participants is reached)

Equipment: Casual regular outdoor equipment, backpack and own drinking bottle. Warm break shirt and spare gloves in winter. Events are organized throughout the year. In winter, the organizer will provide snowshoes if needed.

Additional services: Experience sauna with herbal foot bath 20 €/person

Please let us know of any food allergies in the details section of your order. The soup is gluten-free, milk-free and meat-free. Participants should take care of their own accident insurance.

Also ask for an offer for your own group: we will tailor the experience day to your wishes!

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179€/ person, duration 6 hours
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Verkkovaara 1, 83960 Jero

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